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In the introduction about the ISO standards, I was explaining the origins of these systems and the reason for which adopting them could make the difference in your business growth and development.

Below you can find all the systems that I can give you support for in implementing and for which I have the certification expertise.

Thus your decision can be the right one and adapted to your business needs after you are well informed.

This includes consultancy for planning, documenting, implementing and certification.

ISO Certification
Human Resources Management

Human resources management

Certainly, a very important moment in the evolution of a business is the moment you hire the first person that becomes your employee. Isn’t it true that we tend to choose them too similar to us? We want them to implicated like we are, as tidy as us, to think like us, to anticipate what you are thinking if possible, and that, no matter the position they occupy in the firm.
But is that the best way to pick them?

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Professional Orientation

Professional orientation through NLP practices

If you’re an employee but you feel like you’re not doing what suits you and fulfills you, I can help you find clarity. We can discover together what are your qualities, so you can build a career on your strengths.

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