Orientare profesională prin tehnici NLP

Career path/ Professional guidance

If you are an employee, but you feel like you’re not doing something that either fits or fulfills you, I can offer some clarity with that. We can discover together the areas where you excel, so you can build a great career.

I developed this service as a response to a need that I identified along the way, among the employees of the companies that I’ve worked with. Many of them used to discover in the process that the work they do does not harness their abilities and qualities and they function automatically. But then there are the results, accordingly to this - no progress.

Dacă te uiți la dinamica ultimilor ani vezi oportunități de a face carieră în cele mai inedite domenii, dar odată cu ele și senzația de confuzie care le însoțește. Confuzia că ai atâtea posibilități și nu-ți mai dai seama care ți se potrivește cu adevărat, chiar dacă sună atrăgătoare și tentante.

My experience with people over the years and pedagogy studies, made me want to bring clarity in the minds of those who don’t know which career path to choose.

The method through which I’ve chosen to help them are the NLP Techniques - Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

To be precise, I can help you discover your qualities and how you can capitalize on them.

You come to discover the personal excellence areas through developing your personal abilities.

If you feel like the words above are speaking to you, ask for a free consultancy meeting by completing this form.

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