What does professional orientation through NLP mean?

One of the basic services of the specialized human resorces agencies is professional orientation. When we speak about guiding a person towards choosing the best direction in their career, we talk abou professional orientation. Any person needs this guidance, either if he is an employee and already has activity within a company, either if the person is at the beginning and is going to decide which direction his career will go.

Fortunately, in the second version, there are no consequences to fix through this guidance process. The person doesn’t know yet what tasks some of the activities imply and how he can adapt or not to them. Being at the beggining of the road, the person is free to try what he believes fits him best. But in the first case, things are pretty different. When the person is already in the working field and does activities that don’t bring him fulfillment, this affects its work quality. And this is where the professional orientation services come in hand.

This process does not develop by itself, but through techniques that carry the name of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Regarding the definition of this proces, things are still very complicated. There is no standard description of these techniques, but putting them in practice makes much more sense. Like you cannot explain electricity, you can only just see it, it’s the same with the NLP techniques. Their definition is in the core of the process.

Overall, the NLP techniques develop around three essential aspects that also explain the naming: N – the neurological part that tries to explain how the mind works and what exactly influences the thinking process, L – the linguistic part where the language has a more important part in our emotions and state management, and not least, the P – the programming, which refers to the way we order our thoughts and actions to reach the results we want.

It’s very important to mention that NLP is interested in an immediate solving of the problem, while the traditional psychology works with a longer but more safely process. Many times it was demonstrated that the NLP techniques solved problems that at a first sight seemes impossible to handle. The main core of the professional orientation though NLP is  aknowledging the fact that we are what we think. The human mind is conceived to think in images, in sounds, smells, tastes, different feelings and through interior dialog.

From this core, we have the following premises in the professional orientation through NLP: all the information that we receive through our senses. We have at our disposal all the necessary resources to make it through. If we don’t have them, we can create them. Any action we take comes from a positive intention. There is no action without a certain objective, so the people react better to their experiences that to reality itself.

In the end, there are some questions used in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming that want to determine a certain reaction in a person’s mind. For a clearer image, anyone who learned to answer to these questions: “What would I like to do if I had all the money in the world?”, “What does a pro do in my situation?”, “What is stopping me from succeeding?”. The NLP techniques have proven their efficiency in a lot of situations and the specialists use them with trust.

You can also choose and use with confidence, the professional orientation services through Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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