Client portfolio

Client portfolio

Over time, I earned the trust and collaboration of several companies, many of them, leaders on their market niche.

IBCV Iasi has gained a solid reputation in the community. They work with the latest medical technologies and the most effective treatment techniques for patients. 

The railway industry in Europe has suffered fundamental transformations, generated by the need for opening and increasing competitiveness. Due to this, CFR is emerging as a pivotal element of the Romanian railway system in its effort of developing in a sustainable way. The new system unfolds as an industrial and economic model that creates value for the community and Romania, providing a long-term viable, environmentally friendly and open infrastructure.

CARDIOTEAM Cluj – Napoca
CARDIOTEAM is the most complex and private medical diagnostic and treatment center currently in Cluj-Napoca. Established in 2008 by a team of cardiologists from the "Niculae Stancioiu" Heart Institute. The clinic is the only private medical center in Cluj-Napoca where they perform coronagraphs and stents implants.

Logic Systems is a privately owned Romanian company founded in 2004. It actively promotes, products, and services that meet the requirements for designing, implementing and maintaining an IT, Telecommunication and Security infrastructure.

Proftech, through its range of devices, provides support and advice on controlling humidity, temperature, and air quality. The wide range of equipment they have for sale and rental offers solutions for the problems caused by building humidity, heating, air conditioning.

For 20 years, Romistal has been a leader in the Southeast Europe profile market, specializing in selling constructions equipment. The company's offer includes more than 50,000 products of world-class quality.

Founded in 1978, Hanna Instruments has become a world leader in the production of analytical equipment, continuously developing. Currently has more than 35 commercial offices on all continents. Hanna Instruments is a supplier of tools for various applications in industry, laboratories, water treatment, agriculture, environmental monitoring, food industry, swimming pools, fish farming, heating, and cooling.

REVISMED was built with private capital and has continuously developed its business, always adapting to market and customer’s requirements. Its main activity is in the service and marketing of medical devices, consumables and spare parts for cardiac and cardiovascular surgery.


Beyond my expertise in analysis and system implementing so that your business has an efficient management system, I can offer you a complete service that can include the final certification, according to your actual needs. I’m validated, audited and certified by the partners with whom I collaborate in the process:

SRAC ROMANIA - PARTENER IQNET ( ) The SRAC Group is the certification and conformity assessment market leader over 20 years now and one of the important organizations in Central and East Europe.

TOTAL Q ARM ΕΠΕ - ROMANIA - THESSALONIKI, GREECE partener ( Greek certification organization with the central department in the north side of Greece, Thessaloniki, with an office in Bucharest.

TÜV Rheinland is a leader as a certification and inspection organization in Germany, with a 140 years history. The TÜV Rheinland / Berlin-Brandenburg / Pfalz Group took this name on the 6th of November 2003 with 100 affiliated companies and operating in 52 countries on 4 continents, with 31 different niches of activity. In Romania, since 1998 they began their activity with a TÜV Rheinland International representative which in 2000 became a branch under TÜV Rheinland Berlin-Brandenburg. The main office is in Bucharest and it has 3 territorial offices established in Oradea, Târg Mureș, and Iași.

SYSCERT - SYSCERT S.R.L. as an international partner of the TÜV HESSEN Germania certification organization works based on a certification license, and through which over 500 certifications took place in partnership with the German side.

RENAR - Asociaţia de Acreditare din România (ţiais officialy recognized as a national unique acredditation organism.

DEKRA Certificationis a global supplier for audit and certification services, specialized in quality, security, environment, and health. Their expertise covers the management systems as well as testing, inspecting and the certification of a large range of products, components, and pieces of equipment used in dangerous environments. DEKRA Certification is an impartial and independent organism. We have Romanian and foreign experts to cover all the activity fields and to offer you top services.

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