No more emergencies in your business

An important percent of the start-up businesses, rely on their  the owner’s shoulders in the first years.

Sounds familiar and you happen to be among them?

I know, sometimes is just natural. You think about reducing costs, optimize the expenses and you consider that you’re only watching over things run smoothly. But from that to “doing everything” syndrome, it’s just a small step.

All kinds of apparently urgent and burning situations come up, and you always the one to solve them. But, at one point they overwhelm you and consume your energy, which you could use in more important matters. You start feeling like an emergency doctor because everyone comes to you with smaller or more important problems. And you forget your most important part, the one where you actively search for ways to expand your business. Not to mention your personal time and the one dedicated to your family significantly reduces.

If you find yourself in the above scenario, it means it’s time to prevent and avoid getting to the “emergency room” that often.

How can you do that?

Well, one of the first and most important steps in your business is systematization.

Save Yourself Time And Money – to point it out.

Creating internal systems is not the easiest thing to do. So, I will give you a few pieces of advice about how to start some processes that will help your business work even when you need to turn off your phone and take a day off.

These are my reccomandation:

  1. Write down somewhere everything you do during an office day.

It is very probable that you don’t realize now where your energy is channeled. If some of your actions bring you immediate results, which make a difference in your business or just simply keep you busy. Write down everything, from the calls you make to all the emails you write.

  1. Delegate your tasks, but don’t forget to check on them afterwards.

From the list of actions that you wrote down, think about who can and knows to solve some of them in your place. If nobody knows, teach someone. Give up the tasks that only load your agenda without contributing to your most important role: that of the developer and visionary for your business. Always remember to verify the final stage of the delegated tasks.

  1.  Hire new people.

Maybe you feel like you have no one to delegate to. For many, a new person in the company means only an extra expense. That is not true. It’s an intelligent investment that will help you decongestionate the situation, raise productivity in your business and leave you space to do more important things.

  1. Look for people better than you.

2018 was the year that your employees got the oficial status of business ambasador, according to the international trends. So, act smart. Search for people that on certain departments in your business are better specialists than you. I guarantee that if you give them space, the right tools and the leadership they need, will undoubtedly perform to the benefit of your business. And, they will also be like a “business card” for you.

  1. Share decision making.

Don’t be afraid to give your employees authority to make decisions, as long as they take responsability for the tasks. The more you involve them in the processes and trust them, the more they will identify with your mission and vision. And you’ll build trust in the people you are working with.

  1. Recreate all the processes that run daily in your business

Gather in one place, all the repetitive actions that happen in your company. Sending and answering emails, the scripts for the conversation with your clients, sending packages, making orders, stages through which every problem goes when it appears and anything else specific to your business. Create along with your team (if there isn’t already one), a standard procedure for each and every one of them. Add the exceptions that might appear and solutions  to everyone of them. So that, at any time, there are some clear steps that anyone can follow in case of an emergency.

  1. Automatize processes

From the processes list that are running in your business, automatize anything you can.Tehnology is so advanced that it’s a pitty not to take advantage of it. It will help you as well as your employees, to eliminate actions that consume energy and don’t bring any results. Search as a start for online platforms that offer free services in certain limits.

  1. Talk to a specialist

If you feel like the situation is overwhelming and you need an objective opinion on the situation, ask for an opinion from someone specialized in management systems. Not only will he take the responsability off your shoulders, but he can give you the best advice for your business, on the actual status quo. A person whom already did this in many other businesses will solve the situation much quicker and it will cost you less than the time you would spend creating the systems on your own.

  1. Take that day off that you need. 😊

This is only the beggining of a process that could bring you one day the freedom that every entrepreneur dreams of: you sitting in peace while your business works just fine in your absence.

Here you have some useful resources that I reccomend as tools in this process:

  1. Work the System- Sam Carpenter, how to create systems in your business
  2. – e-mail marketing platform.
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