SR EN ISO 14001:2015
Sistemul de management al mediului - Standard de referință

We live in an era in which the balance between society, economy, and environment is vital.

We can’t afford anymore to think on the short term, but it’s necessary to approach a sustainable, transparent and responsible development so that the future generations can also benefit of resources for their needs.

Pollution has alarmingly grown, the resources are ineffectively exploited, the waste management can’t keep up with the diversity of waste and of the legislation.

The climate changes are already visible and all these are threatening the ecosystems and biodiversity. But above all, they are threatening us.

The good news is that in the trial of balancing the situations, the legislation has developed around them and the organizations started to adopt a systematic approach to environmental management.

Environmental management system - Reference standard SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 offers an appropriate framework to your business in order to function according to environmental conditions and with the socio-economic needs. And most importantly, it makes you competitive on a market that follows the green trend.

It is applicable no matter the size of the organization or the activity and offers attention especially to the lifecycle of your services and products.

The benefits of implementing this system are:

  • Avoiding the penalties of the Environmental Guard that require certain conditions.
  • Reducing the costs by using resources more efficiently and reducing the risk of environmental accidents.
  • You have legal safety regarding the market and legislation norms.
  • You are promoting a green image and that helps you win and keep a specific market share.
  • Prevents and minimizes the firm’s impact on the environment.
  • It helps you rethink the production process, distribution and consumption, from the responsible perspective of the lifecycle.
  • Raises the community’s trust, government agencies, banks, insurers, and clients trust in your company’s policies.
  • Raises the number of clients for whom the environmental impact is essential in choosing your services.

Certificări pentru toate sistemele de management pentru care fac implementarea

Certificarea vine ca un pas firesc după decizia de a implementa un sistem de management în afacerea ta.

Este un proces care încununează schimbările pe care ai ales să le faci, chiar dacă este separat de implementarea unui standard ISO. Este efectuat de către organismele cu care lucrez în parteneriat ( le găsești aici ) și îți atestă oficial noul nivel la care ți-ai dus activitatea din firmă.

Fiind recunoscută ca reprezentant al acestor organisme de certificare, îți voi realiza auditul necesar care va valida calitatea serviciilor și produselor pe care le oferi clienților tăi, cât și transpunerea în activitate tot ce s-a declarat în documentația elaborată pe parcursul implementării sistemelor ISO.

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