Managementul resurselor umane

We live in the Millenial era, which at this moment represents 50% of the working force and who also have requirements from the employer, in accordance with the qualities and abilities that are bringing in your service.

At the same time, on a dynamic market and full of possibilities, employee retention has become a priority.

In conclusion, the ideal version for you as an employee is to find the right people to fit every position in your business. Building a strong and adaptable team to your business’s evolution requires attention and a recruitment process that leads to those people.

The Human Resources Management Service which I offer can do this process for you. It becomes vital as your company grows that this service or department to exist.

What benefits come along with this service:

  • You won’t do “blind hiring” anymore, or following emotional / superficial criteria.
  • You attract motivated and conscious people of their role in the company’s activity.
  • You raise employee retention.
  • You have the necessary human resources that you need - we build a organisational chart.
  • You have the corresponding job description for every employee, which will contain tasks, responsibilities and the delegated authority in this activity.
  • You have a common communication language between team members and other departments, but also with people outside the business like partners, suppliers or clients.
  • You clarify the expectations as well as competences that you wish every employee to have.
  • You have a clear process, with clear steps, made to select the right personnel for the business’s activity.
  • You have an induction process for every new employee that will make his/her integration more easier and shorten the time in which he/she will start performing.
  • You have side solutions for business expansion cases, restructuring, so that there’s a back-up plan that can assure the personnel’s reorientation inside the company.
  • You have a development plan for the employee, that will establish how much you want to invest in your employees education and evolution, so that they become more performant.
  • You have methods and solutions for motivating and building the team.
  • You’ll have competent and loial employees which you can count on in your absence.
  • Reduce recruiting costs, because the process is efficient and gives results in short time.
  • Your business works in safe conditions, with trustworthy people, while you can take care of the company’s development.

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