ISO Certifications

Choose the service you desire! Designing, documenting, implementation and certification consultancy for the following management systems

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Human Resources

Without a doubt, a very important moment in the evolution of a business is when you need to hire your first employees.

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Professional Orientation

If you are an employee, but you feel like you’re not doing something that either fits or fulfills you, I can offer some clarity with that.

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127 Business diagnostics

Do you have a business in full swing, your team is growing and you feel you have more and more responsibilities on your plate? Maybe it's time to take a step back and ask the specialist for a business diagnosis.

Find out your business diagnosis!

Sometimes it's hard to accept that the situation is overwhelming and we need help. Do you have problems clarifying the processes that support your business? Do you have the impression that sometimes everything is done on the spot? There is no clear communication between the firm's people and this leads to confusing tasks, late delivery delays, and tense discussions. And employees do not seem to be motivated to do their job with the same will you do.

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What kind of ISO certification or service do you need?

The expertise you can help include the implementation of management and certification systems according to ISO standards, intermediate certification, HR services or even professional orientation.If you do not know exactly what service you need, I recommend you to consult the list below, where you will find details about each one.

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What guarantees do I have if I choose Multiplus Consulting?

You want your company to grow and develop on solid foundation, you want quality services and the confidence that the change will really happen. Choose Multiplus Consulting and here's what you'll have.


Certifications for all the management systems that I've implemented

Certification comes as a natural step after the decision to implement a management system in your business.

It is a process that crowns the changes you chose to make, even if it is separate from the implementation of an ISO standard. It is done by the bodies I work with in the partnership (you find them here) and officially attest the new level you have taken from your company to.

Being recognized as a representative of these certification bodies, I will carry out the necessary audit that will validate the quality of the services and products that you provide to your customers, as well as the transposition of everything that has been stated in the documentation developed during the implementation of the ISO systems.

I want the analysis of my business

Happy clients

Să ieși din zona de confort ca să poți evolua, să te reinventezi zilnic, să nu crezi în limitele și limităriletale, să fii regizorul propriei vieți. Aceasta a făcut doamna Luminița Petrean. S-a descoperit pe sine pentru a se putea proiecta in exterior casa ii ajute pe alții. A ieșit din prizonieratul propriei minți si a cucerit inălțimile. Doamna Luminita Petrean oferă garanție pe calitate în tot ceea ce face și în tot ceea ce este.

Carmen Anca
Revismed Cluj

Doamna Luminita Petrean a dat dovada de creativitate, gandire matura si o dorinta constanta de autodepasire, cu o abilitate deosebita de a gasii soluti la toate problemele aparute. Intodeauna a dat dovada de seriozitate, punctualitate si perseverenta in tot ceea ce a facut cu implicare maxima in luarea deciziilor.Corecta, punctuala, comunicativa cu cei din jur, responsabila cu initiativa si atenta in realizarea in bune conditii a activitatilor pe care le desfasoara.Doamna Luminita Petrean este un MODEL de urmat si ii multumesc ca m-a implicat in proiectele ei.

Maria Rus 
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