How and why a business can’t work without human resources

How and why a business can’t function without human resources

Inside a company, the human resource is connected to with every other resource. Having material, technological and informational resources will be useless if you don’t have competent human resources to manage them. Your well defined organisational objectives will not be reached if you won’t have prepared people to help you fulfill them. For these reasons and others that we’ll continue to discover, we can say that Human Resources services are most of the times the most important in a company.

The human resource is the engine of the company

Just like an automobile engine that starts the vehicle, that’s how the human resource works. It uses all the available resources of the company to create an efficient organizing mechanism. From all the resources that a company has to help her function, the human resource is the only one capable to combine other multiple resources and use them to bring value. For example, the more resources the employees have, like a nice office, a performant laptop and other work tools, the happier they will feel while doing their job.

You can’t do everything

Certainly, no matter how convinced you are as a manager that you can handle everything, and even more, that you will do things better than your employees, you’ll end up at one point in a dead end. The results that the human resource brings in your company depend exclusively on you, the way you do the employee selection, the resources that you put at their disposal and the motivational techniques that you use. If you want to reach the top, you also need other people around you.

The power belongs to the many

An old Romanian proverb says that “the power belongs to the many”. This proverb can be applied in your company easily. If you started the business by yourself or together with a friend, and today counts many employees, you need to acknowledge that without them, you couldn’t have got this far. The more an organisation expands, the more the workload grows. It’s only natural that a bigger number of employees will bring more results.

More minds, more perspectives

We’re created to cohabit with others, to share our problems with others. And most of the times, we realize that the best solution comes from outside our box, from a person that is not directly involved in the matter and can see things clearly. That’s what also happens in a company. In those situations in which you are looking for different solutions, the human resource of your company can be capable of bringing creative and innovative ideas.

In conclusion, there are several reasons for which a company could not function at all without human resources and if it would, it would do terribly, probably. Investing in human resources is a longterm, secure, efficient and valuable investment that will prove to you later on, that it brings the best results.

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