What does professional orientation through NLP mean?

One of the basic services of the specialized human resorces agencies is professional orientation. When we speak about guiding a person towards choosing the best direction in their career, we talk abou professional orientation. Any person needs this guidance, either if he is an employee and already has activity within a company, either if the person is at the beginning and is going to decide which direction his career will go.

Fortunately, in the second version, there are no consequences to fix through this guidance process. The person doesn’t know yet what tasks some of the activities imply and how he can adapt or not to them. Being at the beggining of the road, the person is free to try what he believes fits him best. But in the first case, things are pretty different. When the person is already in the working field and does activities that don’t bring him fulfillment, this affects its work quality. And this is where the professional orientation services come in hand.

This process does not develop by itself, but through techniques that carry the name of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Regarding the definition of this proces, things are still very complicated. There is no standard description of these techniques, but putting them in practice makes much more sense. Like you cannot explain electricity, you can only just see it, it’s the same with the NLP techniques. Their definition is in the core of the process.

Overall, the NLP techniques develop around three essential aspects that also explain the naming: N – the neurological part that tries to explain how the mind works and what exactly influences the thinking process, L – the linguistic part where the language has a more important part in our emotions and state management, and not least, the P – the programming, which refers to the way we order our thoughts and actions to reach the results we want.

It’s very important to mention that NLP is interested in an immediate solving of the problem, while the traditional psychology works with a longer but more safely process. Many times it was demonstrated that the NLP techniques solved problems that at a first sight seemes impossible to handle. The main core of the professional orientation though NLP is  aknowledging the fact that we are what we think. The human mind is conceived to think in images, in sounds, smells, tastes, different feelings and through interior dialog.

From this core, we have the following premises in the professional orientation through NLP: all the information that we receive through our senses. We have at our disposal all the necessary resources to make it through. If we don’t have them, we can create them. Any action we take comes from a positive intention. There is no action without a certain objective, so the people react better to their experiences that to reality itself.

In the end, there are some questions used in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming that want to determine a certain reaction in a person’s mind. For a clearer image, anyone who learned to answer to these questions: “What would I like to do if I had all the money in the world?”, “What does a pro do in my situation?”, “What is stopping me from succeeding?”. The NLP techniques have proven their efficiency in a lot of situations and the specialists use them with trust.

You can also choose and use with confidence, the professional orientation services through Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

What does ISO actually mean for your business?

If you are an entrepreneur or manager leading your own business, you’ve certainly heard of the ISO standards. Your competition probably already has them, and you have been advised that you should also align with the new regulations.

But perhaps no one has ever explained to you what their origin is, and why they are so important in developing your business as well as the real benefits they bring.

I would like to answer these questions because, first of all, I want you to know what services you are investing in when you decide to get these certifications. Your choice should be a conscious, strategic one, not just to fulfill certain obligations or conditions.

In addition, I will help you understand the value of the service, from which you can successfully extract all your benefits,  during the implementation of these standardization systems.

Who, however, sets these standards?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental organization with the Central Bureau in Geneva, Switzerland. It includes an entire network of national institutes from 157 countries, among which Romania is a member. The entire system is coordinated by the Swiss headquarters. Its position as an institution is between the two sectors of activity, both public and private.

This is due to its composition, which includes representatives of both national governments and members belonging exclusively to the private sector. This strategic position creates a beneficial link between the two sectors. Especially when looking for solutions that meet both the requirements of business activities and also serve the needs of society.

Why invest in international standardization if my business is local?

The idea of ​​standardization has been naturally born out of the needs of consumers, among which we also count ourselves, service providers or product creators.

Is it right that we immediately notice when a purchased service or product is of poor quality,  material, process, or presentation?

Or that we have information at a click away, and now our landmarks are not only just local/national markets, but international ones?

So, to eliminate mistakes, improve quality and maintain it in all aspects of a service or product, a series of rules, coordinates, and features have been made to create a standard.

This standard acts as a filter for most products and services in a particular industry sector and will ensure that they are aligned with our consumer needs and requirements.

Standardization is not only decided at a country level. It extends through consensual understandings among national representatives of the economic pillars involved – suppliers, users, government regulators and other interested groups, as well as consumers.

They all form an authority and approve the application of the established criteria, regarding the classification of materials, manufacture, and supply of products, testing, and analysis, terminology and provision of services.

In conclusion, the International Standards manage to define a benchmark for all businesses in an industry. By meeting the needs of the consumer market, it creates a common language between us as service providers and our customers.

As long as we meet the expectations of our customers, but also ours, we build a safe and trustworthy bridge on which we can meet successfully in the middle. Moreover, your business, which now enjoys a local/national market, will be able to easily enter any international market. The strong guarantee element will be the ISO certification.

What do you think about ISO standardization and certification?

I’d love to know if you’re more interested.


No more emergencies in your business

An important percent of the start-up businesses, rely on their  the owner’s shoulders in the first years.

Sounds familiar and you happen to be among them?

I know, sometimes is just natural. You think about reducing costs, optimize the expenses and you consider that you’re only watching over things run smoothly. But from that to “doing everything” syndrome, it’s just a small step.

All kinds of apparently urgent and burning situations come up, and you always the one to solve them. But, at one point they overwhelm you and consume your energy, which you could use in more important matters. You start feeling like an emergency doctor because everyone comes to you with smaller or more important problems. And you forget your most important part, the one where you actively search for ways to expand your business. Not to mention your personal time and the one dedicated to your family significantly reduces.

If you find yourself in the above scenario, it means it’s time to prevent and avoid getting to the “emergency room” that often.

How can you do that?

Well, one of the first and most important steps in your business is systematization.

Save Yourself Time And Money – to point it out.

Creating internal systems is not the easiest thing to do. So, I will give you a few pieces of advice about how to start some processes that will help your business work even when you need to turn off your phone and take a day off.

These are my reccomandation:

  1. Write down somewhere everything you do during an office day.

It is very probable that you don’t realize now where your energy is channeled. If some of your actions bring you immediate results, which make a difference in your business or just simply keep you busy. Write down everything, from the calls you make to all the emails you write.

  1. Delegate your tasks, but don’t forget to check on them afterwards.

From the list of actions that you wrote down, think about who can and knows to solve some of them in your place. If nobody knows, teach someone. Give up the tasks that only load your agenda without contributing to your most important role: that of the developer and visionary for your business. Always remember to verify the final stage of the delegated tasks.

  1.  Hire new people.

Maybe you feel like you have no one to delegate to. For many, a new person in the company means only an extra expense. That is not true. It’s an intelligent investment that will help you decongestionate the situation, raise productivity in your business and leave you space to do more important things.

  1. Look for people better than you.

2018 was the year that your employees got the oficial status of business ambasador, according to the international trends. So, act smart. Search for people that on certain departments in your business are better specialists than you. I guarantee that if you give them space, the right tools and the leadership they need, will undoubtedly perform to the benefit of your business. And, they will also be like a “business card” for you.

  1. Share decision making.

Don’t be afraid to give your employees authority to make decisions, as long as they take responsability for the tasks. The more you involve them in the processes and trust them, the more they will identify with your mission and vision. And you’ll build trust in the people you are working with.

  1. Recreate all the processes that run daily in your business

Gather in one place, all the repetitive actions that happen in your company. Sending and answering emails, the scripts for the conversation with your clients, sending packages, making orders, stages through which every problem goes when it appears and anything else specific to your business. Create along with your team (if there isn’t already one), a standard procedure for each and every one of them. Add the exceptions that might appear and solutions  to everyone of them. So that, at any time, there are some clear steps that anyone can follow in case of an emergency.

  1. Automatize processes

From the processes list that are running in your business, automatize anything you can.Tehnology is so advanced that it’s a pitty not to take advantage of it. It will help you as well as your employees, to eliminate actions that consume energy and don’t bring any results. Search as a start for online platforms that offer free services in certain limits.

  1. Talk to a specialist

If you feel like the situation is overwhelming and you need an objective opinion on the situation, ask for an opinion from someone specialized in management systems. Not only will he take the responsability off your shoulders, but he can give you the best advice for your business, on the actual status quo. A person whom already did this in many other businesses will solve the situation much quicker and it will cost you less than the time you would spend creating the systems on your own.

  1. Take that day off that you need. 😊

This is only the beggining of a process that could bring you one day the freedom that every entrepreneur dreams of: you sitting in peace while your business works just fine in your absence.

Here you have some useful resources that I reccomend as tools in this process:

  1. Work the System- Sam Carpenter, how to create systems in your business
  2. mailchimp.com – e-mail marketing platform.

How much value can HR services bring to your company?

When it comes to HR consultancy services in Cluj or other big cities where different companies have developed, the advantages and disadvantages of asking for such a service are more and more on the table. Owners are slightly skeptical about this service and sometimes even have a few fears. These fears include fear of failure or fear of investing without results, fear of the unknown or fear of very high costs. Especially the fear of the unknown, but other fears as well,  can be removed with correct information about this service. In this article, you’ll be able to find the most important earnings for your company if you choose human resource management services.

The human resource, is by far the most important resource in a company, the one without other resources are useless. Without the human resource, neither the financial resource nor the technological resource could be useful. You will almost not be able to achieve anything unless you have a stable human resource. The human resource is the piece that moves the entire system. That’s why any service regarding this resource deserves particular attention, and investing in such services can bring important results to the company.

The hiring process is sometimes tedious and involves a number of stages: defining the need for human resources, establishing the responsibilities, and the internal regulations of the company’s operation. Then, determining the actual need of staff and the tasks assigned to each position,  you establish the skills required from future employees.

After all this, you will be able to know the exact staff need and start the selection process. If the staff does not meet the job requirements or the work needs to be expanded to other areas, the company needs to be prepared with new training and qualification measures. During his / her work within the company, the employer will ensure that the employee is always motivated to work as efficiently as possible.

By going through all of these stages, from establishing the staff need and employee motivation techniques, the HR services will be of real use to you. A Human Resource Management Consultant will ensure that the employee selection process is done in a way that matches those candidates that are right for your company’s work and for your open job positions.

So, after HR services, you will have a well-established recruitment plan with concrete steps. It will be easier for you to look at things as a whole once your organization chart has been built and you can determine what are your company needs. With the job description of each employee, which will include all the responsibilities and duties, you will outline the expectations and skills you want from each employee.

Thanks to professional human resource management services, your company will enjoy loyal and motivated employees. And this will lead to the optimal deployment of the whole activity. To have time for everything that goes with the ongoing development of your business, trust your HR services!

Does your consultant deserve your money?

“I can handle it… or do you know someone that could help me?”

It’s quite possible that at one point you were trapped between these two questions above when it came to running your business.

Like everyone else, our first instinct is to handle your business’s problem on your own. You have your own methods, you know exactly how things go, what doesn’t work… bottom line, you know best . As a last resort, you would probably call a friend, ask for opinions. Everyone seems to say something different and you still can’t find a solution to your problem.

You might even try Google-ing it but end up reading a lot of articles that contradict themselves and don’t know what it’s best for your situationNevertheless, when you feel like you’ve drained all your resources and your problem is pressuring you, you decide that finally, the idea of hiring a consultant to solve your problems is necessary.

Well, at least this is the scenario in most of the cases. We push it forward until a consultant becomes necessary and we lose time and money in the process.Even so, I understand that choosing a good consultant, is not simple. And this is also the reason behind the fear of letting someone from the exterior enter your internal kitchen. And maybe if you’re reading this article, you might just be in that point when you need advice about how to make the most appropriate choice for yourself.

I’m not going to give you just an advice, but actually 8 traits of “common sense” you should consider when you want to hire a consultant.


  • Integrity


Beyond any expertise, studies or distinctions, integrity will always be the quality that is going to make the difference in your collaboration. Verify this aspect. Look for testimonials from former clients on the website, the social media pages or just ask for references. Someone who is sure of the quality of his work and ethics, will be open to give you details. pay attention if he/she comes with proposals of quick “arrangements”, which show lack of ethics and might cost you a lot on longterm. Choose wisely.

  1. Expertise on the niche

Studies certify and offer you basic information on a certain subject, but the most relevant lessons are always those that you pick up actually working in the field. I recommend you to verify which situations are similar to yours that he come across in his professional life. You can even ask him how did he/she plan the implementation of the services, and how objective and adequate you are given the details.

  1. The way he looks at the situation

You need a person with adaptable thinking. Every business has its particularities and not every time something that has worked in a certain case, will work for you. Watch how much he involves you to in the process of finding a personalized solution for your problem. How cooperative and efficient he/she is.

  1. Realistic predictions

I know you want a quick solution to your problems, but any longterm change, asks for a period time, in particular. Anyone promising miracles overnight, either does not have enough experience, either is gonna do a crappy job. What should confirm that you have chosen the right person, would be an evaluation report of your business, structured, with realistic, efficient and doable recommendations of what you need.

  1. Connections

It is very true that your professional network counts. So choose someone who has a trustworthy collaborators network and enough information. Or at least, someone who is smart enough to obtain a necessary contact, if needed. Make sure he knows the public institutions and structures. Let him be the one who informs you of the latest changes, don’t be the one who knows more.

  1. Image

Take a look at how he appears online, how does he sell himself/herself. He/she should inspire trust, stability, clarity and the guarantee that you’re working with someone with solid values. Does he/she talk about herself/himself or how he/she can help you?

  1. He/She offers exclusiveness and confidentiality

It would be recommended that your company is exclusive and there is no parallel collaboration with your competition, to avoid a conflict of interests. You can ask for this as a special clause. You wouldn’t want to find out that you’re competing with another one of his clients at an auction, for example.

  1. A well-defined plan

It’s very important that your consultant offers you a clear projection of the way things are going to happen, the persons involved and the implementation of the services and the those responsable for monitoring. There should also be a plan B, in case some of the solutions don’t function as predicted. In conclusion, he/she should be ready for everything and there should be transparency in the collaboration process.

I hope that this criteria is of use for you when you decide to hire a consultant. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or you just want to take a more informed decision.

In every domain there are people that will affect your trust in a service, because of the lack of professionalism or preparation.

That’s the reason this will help you make a better choice. And when you do that, that person will have earned his/her money.

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You can also leave a comment below, maybe we can complete the list of criteria together.


Luminița P


“If a person can learn to do something, then anyone can.”

Each of us passes at least once in our lives through a time when he feels that nothing we do not bring us fulfillment, that the choices we make are deeply uninspired, and the future plans are uncertain. We fall into a hopeless state, in which we deceive ourselves more and feel that we need help, but don’t ask for it. We look around and see happiness and contentment on the face of other people while our soul is in clutter and fog. In those moments, we are almost convinced that we are the only ones who suffer and have not managed to find the meaning of life, while everyone else has succeeded.

Maybe most of us have found ourselves to a greater or lesser extent in the description above. In those moments, it’s important to find ourselves the power to rise up, or if we don’t find it, it’s essential to ask for help. It’s not only important to move forward from that moment, but it‘s equally important that this crisis won’t have negative consequences in the future. If you happened to pass through this dilemma at least once, the following words may be of real use to you.

In the personal development field, you hear more and more about NLP techniques. NLP comes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and refers to a set of strategies and techniques that can help you understand better how we perceive things and how the human mind works. Neuro-linguistic programming uses three essential elements: programming, nervous and linguistic programming. By programming, we understand that each human action is programmed by previous experiences and that man has the ability to control his actions through different types of programming. The nervous system is the engine of change and is the place where the whole set of perceptions is placed. If we have control over our mind, anything is possible. In the same way, communication is indispensable in our lives, and without it interactions with others it’s quite impossible.

So if you went through the state described above means you need a change to make sure the unpleasant experience will not happen again. If you want this change, but you do not know what to do, find out how useful these NLP techniques are. One of the NLP principles says: “If a person can learn to do something, then everyone can.” NLP techniques help us to become well aware of our abilities and strongly believe in “I can”.

The principle harnesses the fact that any person who spends just as much time learning a thing as another person who has already learned it can achieve the desired success, except for biological or context boundaries. This process is called modeling and occurs through the discovery of the person’s subjective structure.

These techniques can be extremely useful when it comes to employee satisfaction. A person in a particular position may experience moments in which he feels that the work he does, doesn’t bring him enough satisfaction and feels the need for a change. But some people need support for the change to take place. They need to realize that their abilities are stronger than they think, that they are able to learn as long as they devote time to learning that. NLP techniques help you overcome the fear of the new, fear of change, help you gain tremendous confidence in your capabilities and be aware that success or failure is not dependent on factors other than yourself. If the person next to you could, you can too. The results of NLP techniques appear over time and are increasingly used when it comes to employee professional orientation.

Are you curious about how these NLP techniques apply to you? Learn more about our professional guidance services and contact us!

What you need to know about a consultancy agency

What you need to know about a consultancy agency

As a business owner who has invested time, money and a whole lot of feelings in your business, it comes hard to leave the important processes in someone else’s hands. We are aware of the fact that it’s hard to do this because you know your business best and you feel like some of the processes wouldn’t work if they’re not made by you. But what about the ISO certifications and the management systems that you’ve been postponing the third time already?

You also know, these are just a few of the essential aspects of a company on which growth and evolution rely on. Postponing these activities you’re not doing anything else than to stagnate and give yourself the illusion that you’ll someday make time for them. Yes, illusion, because if there are already 3 months since you wanted to do them, it’s very probably the same amount of time will pass and still be in the same place.

So the first step you have to do is acknowledge. You have to admit, even if you find it difficult, you need other people for the productivity and durability of your business. More than that, it’s important that things function without you being always there. So you can be relaxed that things are going good even if you’re not there.

Exactly for this purpose, the agencies gather specialists who have one objective: the development of your business towards reaching your goals. They will not let things stand still and will take care of the things that you have no time for.

What does a business owner should know about a consultancy agency?

Until signing a contract with an agency there are many thoughts and questions in everyone’s mind. How can someone else solve a problem in my business if they don’t even know it? What do I do if I invest money and there are no results? What if this kind of collaboration will do more harm than good and the employees will feel under surveillance? for every problem there is a solution.

Have you ever been through the situation in which one of your friends was involved in a relationship and had different conflicts that he couldn’t solve? It’s true that you, from the outside, looking at things, saw the right solution. He would be too involved and couldn’t solve the problems. It’s the same with a business – there are small or bigger problems which if you don’t look at them as a whole, you cannot solve them. The manager is very emotionally involved, the employees look at things from within the organization and the situations seem sometimes without an escape. A consultancy agency is an excellent choice for this kind of situations. It will manage to look at the situation from outside the box and see what can be done. An objective opinion will be welcomed in a tense context and most of the times, it ends up being the best decision. Because from outside you can see things differently.

It’s very important to remember that every investment in an agency will bring bigger or smaller results. There are no 0 results as long as the objectives are followed precisely. Furthermore, if you think about how can an agency solve a problem that you profoundly know, you have to know that these agencies have a lot of experiences with managers, employees, and companies. And this experience will help the specialists to identify the problem.

If you have any questions regarding our services or you just want to contact us for an offer, we are just one click away.


How and why a business can’t work without human resources

How and why a business can’t function without human resources

Inside a company, the human resource is connected to with every other resource. Having material, technological and informational resources will be useless if you don’t have competent human resources to manage them. Your well defined organisational objectives will not be reached if you won’t have prepared people to help you fulfill them. For these reasons and others that we’ll continue to discover, we can say that Human Resources services are most of the times the most important in a company.

The human resource is the engine of the company

Just like an automobile engine that starts the vehicle, that’s how the human resource works. It uses all the available resources of the company to create an efficient organizing mechanism. From all the resources that a company has to help her function, the human resource is the only one capable to combine other multiple resources and use them to bring value. For example, the more resources the employees have, like a nice office, a performant laptop and other work tools, the happier they will feel while doing their job.

You can’t do everything

Certainly, no matter how convinced you are as a manager that you can handle everything, and even more, that you will do things better than your employees, you’ll end up at one point in a dead end. The results that the human resource brings in your company depend exclusively on you, the way you do the employee selection, the resources that you put at their disposal and the motivational techniques that you use. If you want to reach the top, you also need other people around you.

The power belongs to the many

An old Romanian proverb says that “the power belongs to the many”. This proverb can be applied in your company easily. If you started the business by yourself or together with a friend, and today counts many employees, you need to acknowledge that without them, you couldn’t have got this far. The more an organisation expands, the more the workload grows. It’s only natural that a bigger number of employees will bring more results.

More minds, more perspectives

We’re created to cohabit with others, to share our problems with others. And most of the times, we realize that the best solution comes from outside our box, from a person that is not directly involved in the matter and can see things clearly. That’s what also happens in a company. In those situations in which you are looking for different solutions, the human resource of your company can be capable of bringing creative and innovative ideas.

In conclusion, there are several reasons for which a company could not function at all without human resources and if it would, it would do terribly, probably. Investing in human resources is a longterm, secure, efficient and valuable investment that will prove to you later on, that it brings the best results.