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Luminita Petrean

I’m Luminita Petrean and before being a professional at what I do, I’m a wife and mother of two wonderful children. Probably the biggest “project” in which I wish to prove myself. That’s why, the woman in me understands, as you do, the need to separate my work from my personal life. But at the same time, the need to enjoy the success of my work as well as spending quality time with my family. I’ve started my career as a simple employee and I worked for every step I made forward along the way. That was my way of gaining work experience, building relationships with people around me and even more than that, gain life experience. I managed in time, to see which are the needs of a business, of the employees and what solutions to apply inside of an organization.

I learned that beyond the efforts we put in our business, the final purpose is for it to function even when we are not there to make sure it does. And that’s possible, as long as we create the proper system which will help us do that. It was soon after realizing this, that I made the choice of becoming a consultant for implementing ISO systems and procedures in different businesses that are willing to work smarter, not harder. To this, I added the care for employees which I strive to help realize their important part in their workplace.
I’m grateful to say that until now, I’ve seen my clients happy about the changes I brought to their business. And why not, you could be the next who can make your business work perfectly even if you’re far away, enjoying a vacation.

Want to find out how you can do that?

Professional Experience

Probably the hardest thing for an entrepreneur is to leave his business to a person that intervenes in its evolution, even if he’s doing it to help the company grow. I’m convinced that you want to trust the people from who step into your office from outside the organization. As I mentioned in my brief personal description, my professional experience was built in time and with small steps.

I chose to be my own employee since 2006 when I set the foundation of my own business Multiplus Consulting. A core of experience gathered in 30 years of hard work, training and perfecting courses, professional evolution, personal development, as well as clients with more profitable businesses.

At the age of 18, I started my career as a simple employee at Regionala CFR Cluj. I was studying Social Pedagogy, a fact that helped me become a self-taught person.

Consequently, I transitioned from being a simple employee to the analyst / special project inspector. This job educated my analytical, research and transforming data skills of a 6000 employees company extended in 6 counties. A place that offered me a lot of opportunities that I turned into experiences.

I earned my seniority in the company passing through the HR department, Technical department, Organization and Developing the organization, Acquisitions and Supplies.

Moreover, I learned communication at any level, either between people subordinated to me, with the same hierarchic level or superior. This helps me now create a quick common language in any business I implement management systems.

I’m qualified as Quality Manager, Environment Manager and Internal Auditor by the Romanian Quality Association Bucharest.

In the past years, I’ve discovered a new domain which completes my technical knowledge. I’ve taken an intensive NLP course which certified me as a practitioner after more advanced training. The information that came with that helps me approach the human side of the companies I worked with. In other words, the engine of every business - people.

Not coincidentally, I’m specialized in Human Resources, the process that can draw clear lines between your expectations as an employer and the people who make things happen in your business. From the employee’s job description to tasks, the right recruiting system and not least, to the identification an alignment of the employee’s values with those of the company.

All of this, and my desire to see the man behind a job, gave birth to the newest service I offer, in which I want to put a great deal of my knowledge into practice: school and professional orientation.

I want to give back from my experience, to help other entrepreneurs, employees, companies to bring their potential to the next level and bring clarity inside the organization.

The first step, even for you, is simple: write to me and tell me what you need and we will look together for the best solution for you.

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